February 18, 2011

Put down the basket of laundry

I joined a website for moms a while back, actually shortly after Hudson was born. The ladies there are amazing for support and most of the time the stories they share remind me that I have a wonderful life. I wake up each day to the sweet cuddles of my baby boy, who always seems to sneak into bed with his mommy in the mornings. Ok let's be honest, he doesn't really sneak, but Spencer knows how much I love to cuddle with him, so he usually brings him to me before he leaves for work. The rest of my day is then filled with sticky hands, stubbed toes on toy cars, Boyd being fed one too many pretzels, and the echo of Mickey Mouse singing. The moms on the site have a variety of issues, most of which are more than I could handle on any given day.

Yesterday, one post particularly caught my attention. I opened it with hesitance because the title hinted towards graphic images. The mom was discussing how in one certain picture of her son, her home was a wreck. It actually made me cringe, oh the mess she had going on. If anyone knows me, I am bit over the top regarding organization in my home. There are quite a few moms on the site with my same sentiments, your home should be neat and tidy, especially in pictures. I continued to read the caption with the photo discussing how she chose on that day to not clean her home. She instead spent the day loving on her baby boy and enjoying time with her sister and young niece. Once again, I was thinking, you still could have picked up that pile of clothing that has obviously been growing for quite sometime. Then she moved on to talk about how this specific picture was the last good picture she had of her son. She then posted the next picture, it was of perhaps the tiniest casket I have ever seen. Her baby passed away that night, the cause SIDS. She encouraged each of us to put down that basket of laundry and spend time with our children. She continued to note that yes she could have cleaned her home that day but she was thankful that she had unknowingly opted to enjoy the last day with her son instead.

Her post has been on my mind all day. I think we all forget to slow down in life at times. I know I am guilty of this action. I get so carried away in the world around me that I lose focus on the amazing world that I am blessed with each and every day. Her story touched my heart and leaves me with the feeling to encourage others to not get so worked up in the little things that don't really matter, but instead to enjoy the things that rank highest in your heart. The other things will fall into place in due time, but until then just enjoy the small moments.

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