February 3, 2011

I am dreaming of Fiesta!

I love my Fiesta dinnerware. After a couple of years of mismatched dishes leftover from college, Spencer and I decided to bump up our food presentation. A previous trip to Mobile left my heart longing for Fiesta in my life. I actually envy this woman's kitchen. It is truly amazing. She is the mom of one our very good friends, and her Fiesta collection dates back many years. I also happen to love her antique buffet that has been transformed into a kitchen island, but that is another blog all of its own.

A couple of days after our wedding, we found ourselves with a handful of gift cards to Dillard's. As I rounded the corner to the home department, the colors caught my eye. My heart fluttered and I immediately knew what we would be leaving with that day.

Below is our current beginnings toward a collection.

The best part of our purchase of Fiestaware was our promise to each other. We agreed that instead of just randomly purchasing additional pieces for our collection, we would make it much more special than that. As our 1st Anniversary of being married is quickly approaching, I am going increasingly anxious about our promise to purchase one piece each year as an anniversary gift to each other. I am not into surprises, so I have no plans of Spencer just surprising me with a gift. I am looking forward to going to the store and falling in love with an addition to our collection, together. We both adore all things kitchen, so I can't wait!

These beautiful pieces are at the top of my list for this year.

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