February 26, 2011

Day 56

hmmm...2:41 AM. So I technically once again missed a day. However, it was completely worth it. Huddy is staying the weekend at my parents, and I had great time visiting with them and my grandparents tonight. I love my brother so much, despite the fact he is 17, he can be pretty child-like at times...in a GOOD way. I am the serious sibling and he is definitely the funny one.

As we entered the restaurant for dinner, he quickly deposited a couple of quarters into a toy machine. I assumed maybe he was buying Hud something, I was wrong. He was purchasing perhaps the best laughter in a small plastic container I have seen in a while.

The series of pictures from tonight are more than enough to show what a great guy he is, he had us all laughing and cracking up. So please...enjoy my silly, wonderful family :)

And yes, he is sporting a fake mustache and sideburns.

We then realized that his fake mustache was the exact color of my Granny's hair.
 She laughed so hard when he put it on her face. It was nice to see her laugh.

And don't fear, my mom got in on the fun as well. However, we opted to transform the
sideburns into an amazing set of bushy eyebrows. The silly face was her own doing.

It felt great to share a round of laughs with family. I don't think we do that nearly enough anymore.

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