February 24, 2011

Day 54

We had such a wonderful time last night. Spencer was given two tickets to the Alabama/Auburn basketball game. We debated whether to take Huddy or not, but finally decided to go. It was very last minute, so we had to park pretty far from the coliseum. However, Huddy LOVED the bus ride. We arrived to the game after it had started, so instead of fighting our way to the middle of a row, we just chose to sit at the very top, very empty row. Huddy needs his space at sporting events. My sweet baby clapped and cheered (for both teams) and he giggled and laughed at the music. Overall, it was a lot of fun. He became quite restless, so we didn't make it the entire game.

This was the fun part. I love campus during big games, it is empty, almost feels deserted. It is a entirely different atmosphere, hence the reason I love UA during summertime.

So yes I did miss day 54, but it was a great night. After the game we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and then came home and built block towers for what felt like hours.

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