February 10, 2011

Day 41

We finally have real snow, the fluffy stuff, the fun stuff, the way too cold for me to really like stuff. I am not going to lie, as an avid enemy of snow, I was actually looking forward to a few inches from this most recent storm. Huddy has never had a chance to play in real snow, so I was excited...until I glanced out the window. Several of our neighbors had lawns full of white, pretty fluffiness, yet we were left with a not so pleasant mix of snow and leaves. It was like fall and winter all bundled up into one big yard of play. Spencer and I decided that despite our obvious lack of pretty snow, Hudson still needed some playtime outdoors today. He really enjoyed it too, however he enjoys any occasion that offers a chance to wear his boots. Spencer being the great daddy he is tried to teach Hudson how to throw a snowball at his mommy today, however my sweet baby opted away from this and ate it instead.

While the above picture is the "picture of the day",
I decided I must share the following two as well.

I love this sweet smirk, it brings smiles to my days and giggles to my heart.

I LOVE how these two always seem to take the same exact steps.

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