February 9, 2011

I love IKEA!

Spencer has two days off in a row this week, so we decided a day trip was needed. We have been so eager to return to Ikea after our first visit a few months ago. We knew at the time of the first trip we would be relocating very soon, so we actually didn't really purchase anything (other than some amazing dish towels). This was definitely a wonderful trip. We bought several great and much needed items for our house. We love our little rental, but it is definitely in need of some TLC. Our style has changed since Huddy joined the family, I am now all about functionality. Little fingers and breakables just do not mix around this house. Here are our great finds from today, in no particular order. I will update later when we have had a chance to add each to the house.

Lack Wall Shelf

Photo courtesy of Ikea.com

I spotted this shelf months ago in the Ikea catalog and fell in love. I love the clean lines and how the mounting package allows the shelf to actually become part of the wall.

Children's Table and 2 chairs
Photo courtesy of Ikea.com
I think this is absolutely adorable. Hudson has his own space in our livingroom. It is a corner and it is his space for his toys. Lately he has been trying to sit on anything he can and also use the entertainment center as a track for playing with his cars. I decided a couple of weeks ago, it was past time for a table and chair set. I actually found this on Amazon.com but the price was more than double what I paid at Ikea today. I honestly love the clean, sleek style, but most of all I love the color. I am all about Hudson having a space in our livingroom, but this does not mean it doesn't need to go with the flow of things. Most children's tables I found were bright primary colors, I love the simplicity of this set. I am sure the wonderful drawings he produces while sitting at this table with bring plenty of color to our lives. 

ceiling-mounted utensil rack

Photo courtesy of Ikea.com

I must say, my husband has amazing taste. While I was browsing through the selection of spice racks, he found this beauty. He immediately had my attention. We love our kitchen in this house, the cabinets are great, the tile work is beautiful and I love the countertops. However, it is lacking in storage. While we love the style/color of the cabinets, we are very limited on them. I have incorporated my childhood dresser into our kitchen space, it sounds crazy, but it actually works quite well. Our love of kitchen equipment quickly filled up all the storage. Spencer pointed out that this piece will look amazing hanging above the black dresser. It will also provide another space for pots and pans, and open up some storage for food. 

DVD box with lid

Photo courtesy of Ikea.com

I love these little boxes! So simple, yet so needed in our home. We have three gaming systems and a collection of dvds. I love our collection, but I do not necessarily want to display them. These little boxes are the answer. The bright green will look great on my new shelf, yet all of the games/dvds will be neatly (most definitely alphabetically, if you know me well this shouldn't surprise you) stored in the containers.

And many more great items...

There were definitely several more great items purchased on this trip. I purchased several additions for my home office including a new chair, a work lamp, and a magazine rack. Other favorite items for me were three simple small vases, a small picture frame, and a spring form pan. I can't wait to bring all of these items into our home, trust me you will be seeing pictures.

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