February 21, 2011

Design from the Heart

I have recently been pondering my place in the design world, where I want to be as a designer, the type of clients I enjoy working with, and etc. I think it is important as a person to take our skills and use them for good in any given situation. I have been blessed with the ability to bring attention to just about anything through my design work. I think there is a special place in my heart for non-profit organizations. While at UnlocktheWeb I was given the opportunity to work on a few of these, and I must admit they are still some of my favorite websites.

Facebook is an amazing networking tool. A friend of mine shared a story that touched my heart a couple of months ago. A story about a little baby boy with a heart condition. Unfortunately his little heart didn't make it through his second procedure, but his short time here on earth has obviously made an impact on many. His parents have decided to honor him through helping other children. I think this is wonderful, inspirational, and a true blessing for other children suffering from this heart condition.

As I followed the story, I was left with the overwhelming desire to provide my support to this cause. I honestly feel that even though my skills as a graphic designer help provide an income to my family, I can use them in much better ways. I have offered to provide a logo and advertising materials to the non-profit organization honoring baby Wyatt. Please say a prayer for me as I design these items for this organization.

If you would like to help, please visit Wyatt's Warmth from the Heart on facebook for more information.

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