February 1, 2011

Day 32

I do not like rainy days. It makes me want to nap the day away, and today is just one of those days that it is not an option. Coach is scared of the rain, so he has to be inside ALL day today...which means he is camped out in the laundry room. He usually spends some time in the backyard stretching his legs, but when it rains he tends to put a hole in the fence and escape. Doing laundry with him in the laundry room is just not worth it, he tries to help a little too much.

Hudson is always missing his outside time. We try to play outside for a little bit every day. He keeps going to the door, going to the windows and is very upset that I won't let him go play in the rain/mud. Yes mud, our entire yard is mud. The people who lived here before us never raked so the grass apparently died, I raked a couple of weeks ago and now all we have is mud for a yard.

However, the best part of the rain..super cute rainy day pictures.

No worries, the blue marks on the wall are not crayon.
Huddy tends to knock his bead sorter into the wall and it leaves blue marks.

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