February 23, 2011

Climbing out of the "rut"

Just thought I would share my most recent project
and quite possibly new favorite logo.

I have felt like I was in a design "rut" for quite sometime now. I discussed this quite a bit with a past coworker who encouraged me to reconnect with my designs. I think a lot of artists of different mediums get lost in the creative struggle between artist and client. It can be a rough spot to be in and when you love something, it can be extremely hard to let your idea go.

As a designer, I think I am back to where I need to be. My creative spirit is meant to be free and I can see the designer in me coming back out into the world. Spencer can more than tell you how much I have doubted my work, for probably a year now. I went through a patch of time where I felt like an outsider in a world that I loved so much. I didn't feel like my work was worthy of posting or sharing. I wanted to hide away in my little office, behind the comfy code of a web developer. However, my true passion has always been design. Don't get me wrong, I love the difficulty of coding and typing out what looks like trash to most people and seeing a beautiful design come to life. It is intriguing to me and I will not be leaving that adventure behind, but perhaps it is time for it evolve as well. 

Here I am, picking the brush (mouse in my case) back up and sharing my creative talents with others. I am ready to be confident in my work again. 

Also, please go check out the non-profit organization that this little logo will the face of, quite soon I hope.

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