January 18, 2011

Keep Me Photography
by Sherry Hodge

I feel like I never win anything! I am constantly playing sweeps and entering giveaways. However, I never win. This week I finally won one and I am super excited about it! I won a free photo session with Keep Me Photography by Sherry Hodge. Sherry shot the pictures of our wedding and I was super pleased with the results. Through various conversations I respect her love of the art of photography and not simply the financial gains of being a photographer. I am looking forward to letting her take some shots of Huddy. I am constantly taking pictures of him, but I would love to see another perspective of him.

Here are my favorite shots from my wedding/bridal pictures. When I scheduled my event, I explained to her that I could really care less about posed shots. I am more about capturing the moments, she did a perfect job of executing what I wanted.

I love this picture. If you know each of these guys, it captures each of their personalities perfectly. Some look more serious, while others look like they are holding back a laugh.

I like the moment that this shot caught. It was a really sweet moment and the picture turned out perfect.

I like the color balance here. The flowers are displayed beautifully and the focus is dead on.

This series of pictures is probably hands down my favorite shots of the entire wedding weekend. The series captured my emotion and Spencer's personality perfectly.

I do not like having my picture made. I prefer to be behind the lens, capturing the moment from my perspective. However, I was really pleased with my bridal shots. This one in fact is one of my very favorite shots of myself. I could have cared less about picking out a wedding gown, it just wasn't that important to me. However, I adored the sash I chose. It was perfect, it was me. These shots and the location chosen by Sherry made the perfect scene and was definitely what I was looking for.

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  1. beautiful pics :) I'm glad you won! Can't wait to see his pics now :)