January 9, 2011

if you've got the money

My Paw-Paw has been on my mind a lot the past few days. He is currently in the hospital and unfortunately due to Hudson being sick and the winter weather approaching the state, we haven't been able to travel and visit him. I was blessed with being able to spend my last summer before starting school with my Paw-Paw. I was 5 and the memories I made that summer have never left me. Every day we would load up in his truck and head out for some type of adventure. These adventures consisted of:

1. The Farmer's Market in Guntersville and of course feeding the ducks
2. Checking out tractors. We drove everywhere looking at tractors, John Deere only though. My Paw-Paw is a John Deere man and would refuse to look at anything else. I have no actual memories of my Paw-Paw ever owning a tractor though, just his lawn mower.
3. Stopping in to see my mom at work for milkshake money. Then we headed to BeeGees for a handmade milkshake, I ordered strawberry, but he always got pineapple.

 But perhaps the best part of the summer, Willie Nelson. My Paw-Paw loves Willie. He had a cassette that I am not completely sure how we didn't wear out that summer. We would listen to it everyday from beginning to end. My Paw-Paw would belt out the words as if nobody could hear him. For those of you that know my Paw-Paw, he has never been much of a singer, but always puts his entire heart (and voice) into it. It was hard to watch my Paw-Paw's truck be sold a few months ago, but I am hoping that my Granny still has that cassette somewhere.

This song has always stuck out to me, I can still close my eyes and see my Paw-Paw singing every word.

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  1. Megean,
    This is precious! It stings my eyes with tears to know he can never do those things again. Thank you for sharing your memories of PawPaw.
    Love you
    Aunt Valerie