January 31, 2011

Free Photo Postcard

I love this freebie! It is actually one of my all time favorites. I tried it earlier this month when the freebie option was for 10 photo postcards and all of my recipients truly enjoyed the gift of an adorable picture of Huddy arriving in their mailbox. This site is super simple to use and the end product is wonderful quality. Each of my recipients received this sweet smile in their mailboxes.

How does it work?
You simply upload 1 Free Photo Postcards. You can select pictures from your cellphone or your computer. I chose the computer option, because my cell phone at the time did not produce print quality photos. After uploading your photo, you can then add a 250 character message for your recipient. Despite the fact the website is www.cellphonepostcards.com, you do not have to enter your cell number or even use your phone at all.

This is a great way to surprise and brighten someone's day :)

Ready to get started?
Go to Cell Phone Postcards. Click on the green “Get One Free!” button to get started. Registration is completely free and no billing information is required to try out this great product.

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