January 6, 2011

Deal of the Day

I adore furniture! I could spend hours in a furniture store, or better yet thrift store. I also have a love for clean lines, something about them just make my world that much better. Clean, modern styles always draw my attention. However, touches of antiquity light up my life.  As part of our move, I was able to pick out a specific little niche in our house to be my office. I love the room, it is actually a closed in porch. The walls are stucco and the ceiling is wood. Everything is painted white, and I LOVE it. Three walls have windows and the natural light during the day is amazing. The only thing missing was the perfect desk. I have searched furniture stores and online, and yet nothing had caught my eye. Today, we peeked in a thrift store and and this desk immediately grabbed my attention.

The lines are perfect. It is simple. It needs work.

I love reworking furniture, there is something magical about a piece of sandpaper and a paintbrush. I can't wait to see the final product.

I know you must be wondering, how much was it? How does it qualify as a deal of the day? My "perfect" new desk only cost me $30. I am considering sinking another $20 into it to bring it back to life. In the end, the cost will be $50.


  1. I'm loving your blog, and I love this desk! It'll look great fixed up and in your awesome office area.

  2. Nice desk :) I love thrift stores and garage sales! You can find amazing things really cheap!

  3. Em..I was thinking. Let's grow old and redo furniture, but sell it in a modern but traditional type store. With your artsy eye and my creative ideas, I think it would amazingly beautiful work :)

  4. Chrissy- Me too. I forgot how much I loved the thift store here. It is huge and always has interesting peices of furniture.