April 2, 2011

Feeling good....

Today was a good day. A great day actually. I am now officially a business owner, of an officially opened business. If I could wear a little name tag that says owner every day, I probably would. Considering Huddy is the only person I see most days, I am sure he wouldn't mind.

My very first grand opening day consisted of a few wonderful leads and projects that I can not wait to dive into. I love logo design and I have 2 very similar, yet strikingly different logos on my plate right now. It amazes me how two logos in the same field can have such different needs and how those needs can be met with something as simple as the choice between serif or sans serif. Yes, the girl who loves typography is definitely taking over right now.

There will be wonderful, beautiful, exciting additions to the blog next week...trust me on that one.

Also, The Individuality is currently hosting 3 giveaways in celebration of our grand opening. Please visit the following 3 links for your chance to win.

Go to http://theindividuality.com/april-giveaway-gifttags.php for your chance to win a FREE Children's Gift Tag Set!

Go to http://theindividuality.com/april-giveaway-logo.php for your chance to win 1 FREE Logo Design Package!

Go to http://theindividuality.com/april-giveaway-mommycards.php for your chance to win 1 FREE set of Mommy Cards.

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