April 6, 2011

A dying art form?

I was a bit saddened today when I was realized that individuals are purchasing logos through the popular website, Etsy, for literally nothing. As a graphic designer with a passion for the field, this hurts. I know this is a bit of overreacting, but at the same time typography to me is an art form that should be held in the highest respect.

A true lover of typography does more than simply open a vector based program, type in your business name, save you a couple of file extensions and send you on your way. Each letter is special to me and the space between the letters is an opportunity to really show off my skills (amazing lesson from the best professor in the field at The University of Alabama). The choice between serif and sans serif isn't decided on a whim, it is a calculated decision based on the target audience. Colors are chosen based on color theory and the emotion that each individual color evokes and how it relates to the company's message. I could go on, but I will stop.

Basically, I hope that the cheaper versions of "logos" don't muddy the field and kill the art form. I think this is a battle that photographers fight on a daily basis, and sadly as a graphic designer, I will fight the same battle. The battle between quality and price.


  1. That was such a great post! You can tell how you really truly love what you do and that is hard to find. Most people hate their jobs, but you love and take pride in your career. You are truly a great artist :)