March 27, 2011

Life Lately

I have officially throw in the towel on my 365 day project. I have missed too many days to count and there are just more important things on my plate right now. I created the blog for the purpose of the 365 project, so now I need to find a new path. The new path for the blog is going to be a journey of new life explorations, specifically in the respect of opening a company.

I have been working hard on launching my own company, The Individuality. I couldn't be more excited! I first decided I wanted to do something with graphic design when I was in high school, on yearbook staff. I wasn't sure exactly what my path would be, but the wonderful years at The University of Alabama cleared that up for me. I decided to pair my love of design with my love of coding websites. I love them in different ways and for different reasons, but really enjoy watching the two come together on a completed project.

Launching my own company was a VERY long term goal. I did not plan on even starting the process until after working in the field for at the very minimum of 5 years. However, the wonderful surprise of Huddy in 2009 began to change the plans I had in store for myself.

2010 was a year of ups and downs, but it felt like more downs than anything. Spencer's job situation was less than pleasant and down right difficult for a few months. I am thankful that we kept our head above water, although there are times I look back and I am not sure how exactly we did. A wonderful trip to Tuscaloosa to see friends one weekend, left us yearning for a change of pace and most of all a change of venue. Spencer put in ONE application and a week later, we were packing to relocate. The path back to Tuscaloosa was wonderful and scary all at the same time. I honestly had no clue what I would be doing once I arrived here. I did however know that I needed more time with my sweet baby boy.

I went on an interview that I honestly didn't want, but took because I was blessed with the opportunity. I said a prayer that if this wasn't the path God had in store for me, then to let it fall away. Well, it did and I have never been so happy for something to not work out. Spencer's new income left the door open for us to explore some options. With the urging of my husband and the encouragement of my family, I decided to transform my long term goal into a short term accomplishment.

Everything lately has felt like a whirlwind. Just days after deciding to go forward, we had a business license. Our projected opening date of April 1st is quickly approaching and thankfully we have already made a few wonderful contacts.

While I am in constant fear of my dream failing, what is the point of having  dream if you never try to accomplish it?

Check out The Individuality

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  1. I read this and my heart swelled with pride for you! I am praying for your dream to be all it needs to be for you and your family! Love all of you!!