March 1, 2011

I love logos and photography...

As a designer, perhaps my very favorite item to work on is a logo. There is something about it that just makes me all giddy and excited. I love playing with the letters and switching out the colors. I also love watching a logo become the identity of a company. You can ask Spencer, long drives are turned into opportunities to point out great logos and well not so great ones too.

Not only do I love logos, I love photography, whether I am behind the camera or admiring the image the artist has captured with their lens. This particular logo was actually designed a few months back, but finalized this week. The best part, it not only brings out my love of logo design, but it is for a photography business!This woman is super busy being a great mom to her baby girl, a full time accountant, and starting her own business! Sounds a like a full plate, but trust me she has the dedication to make it all come to life.

I am looking forward to working on more marketing materials with her in the near future and excited to see her business expand, and hopefully find time to have her take some shots of Huddy. I was going to wait to share her logo until after I had sent her disk out, but I was just too excited after working on her logo package. Please enjoy and check out her blog and portfolio.

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