June 30, 2011

A first attempt- Dress Making

I know I have a son. Trust me, he is ALL boy. He loves anything sports, cars, and climbing. However, in my new adventure of sewing there are very few things to make for a boy compared to little girls. I decided a couple of weeks ago to make my first dress. I say first, but technically I think the first round of Megean dresses were for my dolls around age 7. Poor dolls.

I have the amazing opportunity to spend my days in an inspiring group of crafty ladies online. They are such an inspiration with each of their talents. I have seen some amazing dresses. I chose the pillowcase dress for my first project. Unfortunately, all of my pillowcases are white but I did have an awesome piece of orange fabric from a very awesome lady.

The orange screamed Auburn to me (this scares me, my heart sings Roll Tide Roll...not the other words). I knew that it was meant to be a dress for my cousin's adorable (seriously she is super cute) little girl, Lyndi.

It was quite the process and I learned quite a bit. At the end I enjoyed it quite a bit, took it on a visit to my granny's house and received many, many tips on how to improve it on the next time around. Someday I can only hope to have a fraction of my granny's sewing talent.

Here it is, not perfect, but not horrible and definitely a cute addition to Lyndi's already adorable closet.

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