June 2, 2011

Beach Bag

I am so excited about our beach trip this weekend. We are headed for a one night stay to celebrate my 25th birthday! I was feeling a little bummed about turning 25, but honestly my life is the best it has ever been...so I am accepting 25 with thankfulness.

Our beach bag from last year disappeared after the move. Since it is just one night, I can't justify spending a lot of money on a bag. So I took this as an opportunity to play with my new toy, and birthday present from Spencer, my sewing machine!

Unfortunately, due to the tornado Hobby Lobby is no longer standing and Hancock fabrics has been closed. The only option for fabric has been walmart. I am going to be honest that the days of a big sewing section in Walmart is long gone. It is now one aisle of pre-cut packages of 2 yds of fabric. The selection is ok at best and a tad boring for my taste.

But guess what, I am a lucky girl. A couple of ladies from my crafting group sent me some amazing fabric. I chose a bright yellow from one of the packages to go with my tealish blue I picked up from Walmart.

After searching many, many tutorials/patterns I found one I liked. It boasted being big and easy to carry. Well with a toddler, I can just imagine the load of things I will take for our one day beach trip. I tried it out and loved it! So here it is, my completed beach bag. It is not perfect and I could definitely improve my sewing skills. But who cares, it serves its purpose and that is what counts.

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