My Everyday
My everyday is filled with the wonderful giggles of my happy, entertaining child. My number one role in life is "Mama" to my baby boy, Hudson. He is truly a blessing, and I promise you will more than get to know him through my blog. I enjoy bragging about him and if you ask me or his daddy, we think he is the best thing EVER!

My next role is being a wife to my husband Spencer. He is my bestfriend and I couldn't imagine my days without his smiles. The past 5 years of our relationship have been amazing to watch him mature into being the wonderful father and husband he is today.

We also have 4 other children, but they are furry. Boyd is our very spoiled Beagle. Blue ("Boo Boo") is our mini-weenie dog. Coach is our beautiful Boxer-Pit mix. And finally our newest family member, Bruiser the cat. They are not pets, they are children in our eyes.

I am a graphic designer and web developer.  You can check out my company, The Individuality, at http://www.theindividuality.com/. I love my job and honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else. I have recently been able to take the opportunity to work from home. Spending my days being creative while chasing Huddy is perfect for me.