May 28, 2011

I am still here.

I promise I have not left my blog. Although it might seem that way. Life has been really busy lately and due to the lack of internet for so long, the blog was put to the side. I have been playing catch up with work since the day internet was restored. I feel like no matter how many hours I put in each day, I can not catch up. However, I am beyond happy for the work :)

On a good note, new things are coming. Specifically, a blog redo. I will no longer be using this blog to follow the adventures of my company, The Individuality. It will now have a separate space to show off my work. This blog will move back into it's original purpose, more of a following of my personal endeavors as a mom.

I have a joined a wonderful crafting group through another website, and they have inspired me to pick back up my crafty side. This blog will serve to follow those adventures.

Spencer recently bought me a sewing machine and I can't wait to show off the progress I make as I jump back into the world of sewing, it has been a while. So bear with me as these changes emerge over the next couple of weeks.

And a sneak peek...

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